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Aligning Mission Statement with Consumer Values

Consumers are conducting brand research at an unprecedented level, and this trend shows no indications of abating. 

Throughout the pandemic, we discovered that individuals began to seek out brands that shared their beliefs in an effort to spend their money with companies that shared their concerns. Consumers are conducting due diligence on you on a variety of topics, including the environment, sustainability, black-owned businesses, whale conservation, and ethical fashion. 


Brands that ignore this stance risk losing customers to competitors who do.

Neither silence nor an antiquated purpose statement is a feasible option in this case. Forward-thinking brands who are aware of consumer trends have already made modifications and followed through on their commitments. 

If a customer visits your website and your mission statement reads like it was written in 1998, those funds will not make their way into your war chest. Consumers that are savvy today view brands as extensions of themselves. They’ve worked diligently to ascertain where their money is spent, and it’s critical to them. 

To them, it’s tremendously off-putting if your goal statement has aged like milk. They want products and services from a business that understands and addresses their social and environmental concerns.

That needs a new mission statement that is backed up by action. To truly go above and above, have your work independently certified by a third-party agency to establish confidence. Consumers are inherently distrustful of companies, and anything that can be done to alleviate that tension is a win. In any case, re-examining your goal statement is not a wishful thinking exercise. 

It remains true to your brand’s identity. However, demonstrating your interest goes a long way. In the eyes of the consumer, putting actions behind your words is the frosting on the cake.

Utilize market research to guide your efforts here, as making an educated guess is silly – and potentially detrimental. With a firm grasp of global trends, Patagonia’s mission statement could almost write itself based on the topic clusters alone. The social media conversations surrounding your brand will reveal which trends are most popular among your target demographic. In your mission statement, make a point of highlighting them. 

Demonstrate to the consumer that you’ve taken notice of and embraced their beliefs, and you’ll boost both your brand story and customer experience.

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