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Market Research in the Post-pandemic World!

Don’t you think, we’ve not fixated enough on the fact that this world will change drastically when we are out of the pandemic and nothing will ever be the same! Also, one more ambiguous thought running in and out of our minds is – is the pandemic over? Are we out of it? Or is there anything more still coming our way?

Well, whatever this transition phase is, we think we should all be prepared for what’s coming next! Our globe is gradually entering a post-pandemic reality that presents many hurdles for market researchers and businesses alike.

Customers’ changing behavior in connection to market research initiatives is a common theme in many of these studies. Technology, techniques, and procedures that were used during the epidemic have continued to be used in the post-COVID environment, as well.

The market research business was not exempt from the adjustments that will need to be accommodated as the epidemic eases down, as may be seen in this fashion. In the wake of the pandemic, there have been numerous observable and quantitative changes in the market research field. Market research is shifting to mobile devices as a result of changes in consumer behavior and obstacles in data collection.

Let’s dwell on them in a little more detail:

1- Consumer Behaviour

  1. Customers are shifting brands faster than ever. 45 percent of customers think COVID-19 has shifted their brand preferences, and 62 percent expect these changes to be long-term.
  2. Whether through digital services or contactless delivery, consumers have discovered the convenience of having all of their needs addressed at home.
  3. As more and more people shop online, they have a higher desire for ease.
  4. Even though just 16 percent of US internet adults say they will return to their pre-virus state of normalcy after the pandemic is over, 75 percent believe that the pandemic will cause long-term changes in their habits and preferences.

2- Collecting Data

  1. Many innovations have been taking place since 2020 that will require a rethinking of the digital ecosystem’s privacy policies.
  2. An unprecedented digital revolution is about to hit many different businesses, but online market research will be particularly hard hit by these developments.
  3. Market researchers will have to come up with new ways to collect first-party data in the wake of these changes, as they will no longer be able to use tracking cookies.
  4. This is done through establishing personal and direct relationships with customers over the internet.
  5. As the changing digital ecosystem shifts, market researchers must be more attentive in their selection of appropriate digital tools and services.

3- Higher acceptance to mobile research

  1. Market researchers need to take advantage of the surge in mobile traffic around the world since it gives an additional medium for obtaining consumer data.
  2. This entails the creation and distribution of surveys online as well as the only use of mobile devices to conduct research.
  3. The cost of conducting mobile market research is lower than that of conducting research via a panel of experts.
  4. It is possible for researchers to observe their subjects in their natural context while they use their mobile devices voluntarily, thanks to the shift toward ethnographic research.
  5. Observational study apps for mobile devices have made it possible for scientists to examine human behavior in the wild.

4- Massive Digitization

  1. Since the outbreak of the COVID epidemic, the digital economy has grown significantly.
  2. It is expected that digitalization would continue to rise during COVID-19’s recovery phase.
  3. All industries are undergoing a digital transition, with many developing new methods to serve customers online.
  4. Some countries saw an increase in internet traffic of up to 60%, as customers instead of shopping in stores and using in-person services turned to the internet instead.
  5. Companies must adapt, reorganize, and incorporate new digital technologies in order to thrive in the digital age.

A market research effort may appear unclear if not impossible in light of all the ongoing changes the pandemic and the post-pandemic era have brought about.

In the post-pandemic era of market research, however, market researchers who pay attention to developments, build a sound agile research plan and use the market research correct instruments will be able to succeed.

Customers’ shifting preferences and behavior have led to corresponding shifts and breakthroughs in technology, strategy, and methodology. For this reason, market researchers must always be on the lookout for the latest trends and market research techniques, as well as their intended audience in order to plan their next big move effectively. The post-pandemic adjustments necessitate a powerful market research tool for enterprises and researchers.

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