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Enabling Innovation

Driven by Authentic Data

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IBI Global Research Solutions

We are Exclusive WORLDWIDE and LOCALLY Inclusive.
With a decade of experience in multi-functional research, IBI Global Research Solutions is driven by the idea of providing top-notch market research services at a pocket-friendly budget. As a leading market research service provider, our goal is to master all analytical techniques and add value to every business. With a precise blend of statistical data and analysis, IBI’s team is dedicated to helping businesses capture the market.
We come with years of industry expertise that enables us to empower hundreds of businesses to discover their strength based on accurate data.
Our agile and forward-thinking approach is the differentiating factor that sets IBI apart from others. The IBI Global Research Solutions team firmly believes that – ‘research is to see what everyone has seen but to think what nobody has thought’. This approach has enabled us to help various brands across industries. We create growth strategies and help in gaining the first-mover advantage, resulting in a stellar market position.

IBI Spans the globe Without a Hitch

We have an extensive experience of over seven decades in domestic and international market research and knowledge processes. Our primary focus is driving forward and enabling more brands to change their market landscape forever. With the help of innovation research and top-notch strategy, it has always been our top priority to provide exclusive services under one roof.

Our Values

Our values are essential to our company, and we adhere to them firmly in every situation.


At IBI Global Research Solutions, quality is prioritized and delivered at the highest levels. With each research report, we strive to raise quality standards. Before being deployed to the client, everything from the data processed to the incorporated statistics and numbers goes through a rigorous in-house quality check.


We have always believed in the philosophy of "client is god" and act to our client's requirements! All the plans and strategies are motivated by customer demand or expectations in the g-force. This drives our methodologies in association with state-of-the-art technology and quality control. We also provide timely delivery and cost-efficient services, which are aligned with our client's expectations in all the spectrums of their market research requirements.


You must constantly innovate and experiment with new trends and technologies to be different from the crowd. Any company that does not invest in innovation for processes and products to meet client needs will fall behind. IBI has always been a driving force in research, having invested heavily in innovation, technologies, and the workforce.

Global Expertise, Local Knowledge

We are always prepared to meet every global demand with our local setup and cutting-edge technology. Our expertise and experience help us to bridge the global divide and turn the world into a single global village. Our business practices and experience at IBI combine with our international team, tools, and products to form the ideal global-local combination.


Profit is the driving factor for any business. It can only be achieved through continuous growth, not only in terms of offerings but also in terms of an agile framework. At IBI, we consider assisting our clients in making strategic and data-driven decisions on lines of their business, product lines, and services.

Our People

Our talented team is our strength, pride, and honor at IBI Global Research Solutions. Our profound and valuable ethics, hard work, dedication, efforts, and innovation are the recipe for succeeding in whatever we do. At IBI, we provide our employees with a platform to thrive with everything and inspire them to aspire. Not only do we encourage innovation, but we also drive and lead them to achieve more at every stage. Our employees are constantly updated with the latest advancements and trends in the market.

Industries that we cater to!

Industry Verticals We Serve at IBI.