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Maximizing Advertising Trends in 2022 with Market Research Insights.

When the pandemic hit, the advertisement hit a massive downhill, but pre-pandemic, the advertisement was on a boom and the trend seems to be taking off post-pandemic.

As a brand, if you want to advertise your product or services, then conducting market research can help you understand market trends and create an advertising campaign that will let you earn a profit and create brand awareness. So, what are the hottest advertising trends in 2022, and how can market research help you make the most of them? Let’s see:

1. Ads in mobile gaming: 

When the pandemic hit and the traditional forms of media took a hit, gaming was an industry that was booming. The downloads of the apps increased to 45% in 2020, which is a huge ratio, and it gives advertisers a new platform to advertise on. According to research, 70% of people who play games would quit social media rather than quit games, and that tells a lot about how much they are invested in gaming, so as a brand, advertising in mobile games is a hot trend that you should definitely follow.

 2. Influencer Marketing: 

It’s 2022. Internet stars are on the rise. The chance of seeing an ad created by a content creator is way more than seeing an ad of a star, as a creator posts daily, creating a follower base that trusts them. This makes the influencer market huge, and it is a hot trend to promote brands with influencers that are right for the brand. With proper market research, one can choose the correct influencer to advertise for the brand.

3. Authenticity and transparency: 

Today, customers expect authenticity and transparency from the brands they are buying from. As a brand, if you are advertising your product or services, then you have to be authentic. The audience is no more buying into ads like a fairy and lovely, so conduct market research about your target audience and see what they expect and deliver it to them.

4. AI 

With Metaverse, launching AI and advertisers using AI tools to understand their audience and AI is here to stay and a brand you have to integrate AI into your day-to-day life to keep up with the world and evolve according to the new environment. AI also helps in market research and vice-versa.

5. The length of videos is getting shorter: 

As a result, with 30-second reels and YouTube shorts, the attention span of people is getting shorter. As an advertiser, you need to gain the attention of your audience in a short amount of time so that you can tell them the kind of lifestyle your brand can offer. Proper market research can help a brand understand how to get the attention of their audience and target them in a way that would lead to sales.

That is a wrap on the top 05 hottest trends in the advertising industry in 2020. If you are a brand that is looking forward to connecting with a market researcher to conduct research before advertising, then visit our Website.

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